Monday, April 16, 2007

Final Task - Summary

This project is a very good idea for everyone -whether they have much knowledge of technology or not. Since technology is starting to play a larger role in libraries it is important for library staff to not only just become acquainted with Myspace, instant messaging, and other programs that patrons use but also to stay on top of the latest updates.
The most important thing that I learned was that the Internet has a lot more things to offer than I had realized. When I go online it is usually for a certain purpose. I don't really sit on the computer all day and browse. I was familiar with some of the programs in the tasks yet I still had been unaware of others. For example, I had never used Google's Docs and Spreadsheets before now, and having read about it I think that it is a very useful resource. During this process I took the time to explore these services that the Internet had to offer and I discovered new and creative things. There are more and more of a variety of outlets to get one's message across than just the written word such as photography, videos, the colorful myspace, and more! The library is now paying more attention in these areas and using them for advertisment because their patrons are paying more attention to them.
The most challenging part was the Youtube just because it took forever to load. It might have just been my computer and connection but I think that if it is always this slow, even though it is a good program, it might be hard in libraries because patrons only have a certain amount of time to be on a computer and they can't spend half of it waiting for a video to load.
The great thing is that PVLD libraries can use most, if not all, of these technologies to improve library services. They can either be useful on public computers' in the libraries, such as the docs and spreadsheets, or in advertisting the library, like Flickr or Myspace. All of these avenues will allow the library to expand the population that is aware of the library not only geographically but the age range of the people as well. These technologies will also give the library a more creative and modern feel if they incorporate these different things into the system.
I think that the 'self-directed' learning model was a good way to introduce these services. It's nice that people were able to go at their own speeds and were able to choose when was the best time for them to work on the project. And they had as much time as they wanted to explore, learn, and write about each task; people could be as detailed in their blogs as they wanted.
This was a good experience!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Task # 10

Myspace URL:

I have had a Myspace account for years now but I never really checked it. It is only through the persistance of the kids at the Annex that I now check it on a daily basis. It is a fun way to talk to people that you see everyday and to stay in touch with others that you rarely see. It is easy to use, is free, and there are lots of different services you can use to personalize your account such as music, layouts, etc. Today many professional musicians, artists, etc. have myspace pages that through which you can communicate with them. A pitfall might be that unless you are careful there are a lot of people who can read a lot of information about you on your site. Also many young people now have a page for themselves and who knows who is communicating with them.

Task # 9

This is the first time that I have gone on Google's Docs and Spreadsheets. It seems like a very useful program for many people who need to write papers and create spreadsheets and enter data. If they have to do all of that then it's nice that instead of going into excel and then microsoft word and other programs all separately they can just go to this program. Also, it's nice because one can use it if they are at a computer that does not have excel. I am in between my bachelor's degree and my graduate degree so I am not writing many papers at the moment (I am very glad!) but when I do go back to school it will be nice to know that I will have this to use.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Task # 8

Youtube username: merinakali

When I went on YouTube I saw this video:

I think Youtube is the funniest site! You can find anything on here! Music videos, television show clips, candid home videos, etc. The kids at the Annex show me a lot of different videos on here. Youtube is popular for a variety of reasons. One is that there is such a vast amount of subjects and clips one can choose from. Another is that it is so easy for someone to download a video onto the site. And since it is so easy, it has become more personal, and more and more people are now recognizing their friends and people they know in various clips. Youtube is also so popular because it is worldwide and brings a large amount of people together.

Libraries could use Youtube for advertisment. Not for professional companies or legitimate businesses but for students and young adults. This would be useful mainly for the areas in the library, such as the Annex, that caters strictly to kids. Youtube is used by many people and all ages, but a large population who uses it are young. They could see videos about the library on this site and become interested and tell their friends through word of mouth. Also, this method is useful because it is worldwide. More people would see the library's advertisment.

Task # 7

Wikipedia username: merinakali

I rarely go onto Wikipedia and when I did at school people usually had negative beliefs about it. It is interesting to read about certain subjects on this site because it is a fairly organized site and usually gives a large amount of information on each topic and is easy to read. But it is also frustrating because I never know if what I am reading so easily is actually true because any one could have written it. It's important to be aware of Wikipedia because it is well-known and well-used among patrons. I think that it is so popular among people because it is so easy to read and understand that people think that it must be accurate information, when in reality it not always is.

In the PVLD article I edited the Annex section. I added several sentences about how students are able to make suggestions for new programs for the Annex or new items they wanted in the collection.

Task # 6

I have used instant messaging for years now. It allows me to be able to communicate with my friends that are located around the country. It is a simple way to stay in touch with people and it is fairly easy to understand and use. It has been most helpful the past year after I have graduated from college and have more friends that live outside of California.
The buddy system is helpful because it organizes the people that you are connected to on aim. You can go to the buddy system and just click on the name of the person that you want to send a message to.

[15:13] kalicali19: just wanted to say hi
[15:13] Meebo Message: PVLD2007 appears offline. Your message may not be received.

Task # 5

The knowledge that Flickr was out there was new to me when I started this process and this is the first time that I've gone on it. Before now I have only been familiar with the Kodak Gallery online because my friends used it. I haven't put albums of my pictures online personally before.
It is an interesting site. You can choose from so many different options for your photographs. My favorite part of it is the fact that it isn't just downloading photographs but it also has a place for people to create groups and talk about their pictures, and also this site allows and promotes third parties to share their own inventions such as the trip planner, Flickr toys, and other such services. There is something there for everyone.
Tagging is connecting photographs that have the same subjects, phrases, people, etc. through a link. By clicking on the tag one is able to call up photos that have the same subject (ex. sports, pets, surfing, etc). Someone can write their own tagline too. It makes it easier to find similar photographs.
An online community is a group of people who have the same interests in certain subjects. These people can communicate with each other and talk to one another about their photographs. This option brings people together who not only want to just look at photos but also discuss them. I found a photography critique group that looked really interesting.
I downloaded several pictures. One is:

Task # 4

As my passion is photography I am very well familiar not only with manual photography but digital as well. (Yet I have to say even though digital is the 'wave of the future' my heart still belongs to dark rooms and old fashioned black and white photos.) However, I have found that posting photographs online is a very quick, easy and useful method of sharing memories of one's trips to family and friends spread out across the country, and the quality of printed digital pictures are very good.

Well, the photograph that I have included is one that was taken in the Philippines last year. Enjoy!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Task # 3

This is the first time that I have ever used Bloglines and I think that it is a great invention! As a journalist my dad uses it daily, and it is really useful for him, but I never really knew how Bloglines worked. I didn't realize that there were so many different subjects I could choose from. I signed up for a variety of feeds and I know that I will be visiting them on a regular basis.

Art Competition List
Arts Journal -Arts Issues
New York Times Book Review
Fodor's Travel Wire Word of the Day
Rolling Stones
The Shifted Librarian

Task 1 & 2

Well, this is my first blog entry! Good times! So far, so good... I think that this is a really good idea. Everyone will not only be able to stay abreast with the latest technology but this process will also get people to connect... I am looking forward to being able to understand half the computer jargon that the Annex kids tell me!
I am looking forward to the different tasks - this will prove to be an interesting experience!