Saturday, April 14, 2007

Task # 7

Wikipedia username: merinakali

I rarely go onto Wikipedia and when I did at school people usually had negative beliefs about it. It is interesting to read about certain subjects on this site because it is a fairly organized site and usually gives a large amount of information on each topic and is easy to read. But it is also frustrating because I never know if what I am reading so easily is actually true because any one could have written it. It's important to be aware of Wikipedia because it is well-known and well-used among patrons. I think that it is so popular among people because it is so easy to read and understand that people think that it must be accurate information, when in reality it not always is.

In the PVLD article I edited the Annex section. I added several sentences about how students are able to make suggestions for new programs for the Annex or new items they wanted in the collection.

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