Saturday, April 14, 2007

Task # 8

Youtube username: merinakali

When I went on YouTube I saw this video:

I think Youtube is the funniest site! You can find anything on here! Music videos, television show clips, candid home videos, etc. The kids at the Annex show me a lot of different videos on here. Youtube is popular for a variety of reasons. One is that there is such a vast amount of subjects and clips one can choose from. Another is that it is so easy for someone to download a video onto the site. And since it is so easy, it has become more personal, and more and more people are now recognizing their friends and people they know in various clips. Youtube is also so popular because it is worldwide and brings a large amount of people together.

Libraries could use Youtube for advertisment. Not for professional companies or legitimate businesses but for students and young adults. This would be useful mainly for the areas in the library, such as the Annex, that caters strictly to kids. Youtube is used by many people and all ages, but a large population who uses it are young. They could see videos about the library on this site and become interested and tell their friends through word of mouth. Also, this method is useful because it is worldwide. More people would see the library's advertisment.

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